David Cook


"Design for me is simple.  It is a mix of passion with a respect to one’s personal style. I respect the multiple styles in design, and feel as if a space should not only fit the client’s style, but also reflect the origin of the space. I acknowledge that each project is an expression of the owner's unique personality, listening to our client’s values and artistic preferences are essential to creating personalized designs that are comfortable to the client’s home lifestyle or business environment. It is my belief that form follows function. If a space is not functional, the end user will never truly be satisfied with it, no matter how beautiful it may be. Design is a discipline that demands research, development, analytical skills, command of technology and knowledge of codes, with these tools the designer shapes the three-dimensional interiors."






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Originating from the coast of Mississippi and coming from a strong construction background, David’s fresh perspective and style and in depth knowledge of construction has driven his five years as an independent interior designer in Atlanta.  After graduating with a BA from University of Southern Mississippi and then graduating top of his class at the Art Institute of Atlanta, where he earned his interior design degree, David has been able to use his business acumen and drive to build a successful business.  His projects range from house renovations to commercial interiors and of course, to his passion for kitchen and bath design. In addition to detail oriented knowledge in designing kitchens and baths, David is known to be a problem solver and seeks the challenge of tackling even the most complex design solutions. He enjoys working with clients to best understand their needs and design goals and prides himself in building long lasting relationships.  David looks forward to creating, whether large or small, brilliant custom spaces for his clients.

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